What is Search Engine Optimization?

The common term used to describe Search Engine Optimization is "SEO". Since the web was introduce to the public Search Engine Optimization has become a normal part of business online. Your website has many elements that can either help or hinder your placement in a search engine results page or "SERP". These elements include:

  1. Relevant and Current Content Creation
  2. Site Architecture & Structure of Content
  3. Proper Programming and Server-Side File Usage
  4. On-Site & On-Page Optimization
  5. Keyword & Key Phrase Targeting
  6. Off-Site Linking Strategies
  7. Organic Back Links
  8. Paid Back Links
  9. Landing Pages
  10. Social Network Linking

Why Should I Care About SEO?

You may be asking yourself, "Why should I bother with a website or search engine optimization?" A valid question and smart question...and consider yourself ahead of the curve for thinking about this new industry. You should have a website in today's business environment if for no other reason that your competitors do. A website is as common place as business cards have become. Your web address and email are expected to be on your business card for that matter.

Just having a website is good enough if you are doing direct or word of mouth marketing, but having an Website that is Search Engine Optimizedtakes your web presence to the next level by earning ranking points based on certian criteria and page elements that should push your site to the top of search in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Having your website built with Search in mind and then using ethical and trusted practices your website will be among the top listings for your industry's product and/or service. Check out what Eugene SEO Company can do for you!




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