Who Is Eugene SEO Company?

Eugene SEO Company is an Oregon Publishing Project. Oregon Publishing is owned and run by Brian Kitching. Located in Eugene, Oregon for the past 10 years.

Working online before the .com crash in 2000 experience, time spent in design, development, seo, and marketing was earned through the trials and errors of split testing sites, using different linking strategies, social links and platforms, article marketing, domain redirects, landing pages, on-page, on-site and off-site search engine optimization, and other techniques to garnish the favor of the search engines.

With true organic rankings as the goal, many tests were performed including various IT scripts deployed while using Content Management Systems and gathering social network links. You should know you will not be working with a SEO marketing agent, but the agent in charge of doing the actual programing and deploying a search strategy that was previously discussed and planned one on one.

Mission of Eugene SEO Company

The purpose of Oregon Publishing starting this SEO website-project is to offer a honest, reliable and long term understanding and implementation of a SEO strategy to local businesses who are actively searching out new and aggressive techniques in online marketing.

There is more than just buying back links and modifying meta data, title tags, and alt tags involved in SEO. While these elements may contribute to the overall value of your site in search they are only pieces of an overall plan to optimize your website to earn rankings in the big 3 search engines.

Trust, Honesty, Communication and Respect are values that can be measured in person and on the web. You can rest assured when you hireEugene SEO Company your website will be optimized with the same values as our business relationship.