SEO Planning

This Stage of SEO is for those who already have gone through a SEO Consulting Session. You should have a general to intermediate understanding of SEO terms, have a website, and have your website previously evaluated.

If you meet the above requirements we can begin planning your website's SEO strategy. There are several areas of your website that will have to be addressed based on your consulting session. Not all websites are the same, neither are the goals of your business' website. Each strategy offers a different solution to get to your goal.

You website may require special landing pages, creation of unique content, form and poll surveys, external link building, and other ethical SEO techniques. Your SEO plan is created uniquely for your specific needs and is implemented over several months.

Once your plan is discussed and approved we begin working on Developing Your SEO Strategy.

In House SEO

If you have an in house IT or public relations department in your business AND your website uses a content management system (CMS)  you may want to take your SEO in house. This means you should consider training your staff to maintain and implement the techniques offered during your consulting and planning sessions with the Eugene SEO Company.

Continuous monthly consulting is strongly advised if you choose to use this method of SEO. The industry is always in flux and what was considered good practice today could change tomorrow and/or no longer carry the values once place on them.

Either way, an in house SEO could offer significant value to your business online and marketing budget over the long term. Ask about this option when we meet!